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How to buy a house in Northern Cyprus

Having a house is a dream for many people as they spend years finding and building the house of their dreams. Buying a house in Northern Cyprus can be complicated at times and requires due consideration.

How to Buy a House in Northern Cyprus?

Many people find themselves in a fix when it comes to the process of finding the right house in Northern Cyprus. They are unaware of the legal formalities and the steps involved in finding the right house to fulfill all your dreams. We shall guide you through the process of finding the right house and take you through all the steps to buying a house in Northern Cyprus.

The purchase of a home or property in Northern Cyprus makes you the rightful owner of the property in Northern Cyprus. This grants you all the property ownership rights and enables you to use it the way you want. You can make it the house of your dreams. Or you can just rent it for positive cash flow. Similarly, it can be listed on the real estate market in Cyprus for profitable deals. Here is what you need to know about buying a house in Northern Cyprus.

Step 1: Specify your Requirements and Standards:

The first step in buying your house in Northern Cyprus involves having clarity in your mind about the house you want.

You need to specify your requirements and window of opportunities. Following are some important considerations before looking for your ideal house or real estate property in Northern Cyprus.

Size of the House:

The size of the house is an important consideration. How large or small should the house be? How many rooms do you need? What should be the room sizes in each of those rooms? This will give you an idea about your space requirements so that you may look for more specific houses in the real estate market.

Additional Facilities/Luxuries:

This includes additional facilities like a swimming pool, garden, garage, or other additional facilities that you may want in your house. These can be of great importance as they govern the budget caps of most properties.


This remains the most important consideration, as money can be crucial in dictating your decision. You must look into your finances and think about three possible financial figures.

1st one should be the price that would be easy to pay for you while also saving you some extra money to use for other things.

2nd price bracket should be of a price that almost breaks your funds even with the cost of your new house. This is the amount that you can pay and afford but won’t save you any extra capital for future investments or expenses.

3rd price bracket should be of a price tag that can be met but with some level of difficulty. This is the figure that is slightly higher than the second price bracket but can only be paid through loans or other ways of borrowing money.

It is advisable to look for a house that falls in the 1st or 2nd bracket of your pricing as that would not put a strain on your other expenses.

Step:2 Searching for the House – Real Estate Companies or Agencies:

The first step of purchasing your house in Northern Cyprus was the most elaborate one as it involved some of the dictating parameters in buying a house in Northern Cyprus.

You can look for different housing options on different websites or platforms to find your dream house. In addition to that, you can reach out to different Real Estate Agents or Real Estate companies who can significantly help you in finding your dream house.

The real estate agencies in Northern Cyprus often have some great houses on their listings. You can contact a housing agent who will guide you through the options available.

Step 3: Finding a Lawyer to take care of the Legal Requirements:

Once you have finalized a house and agreed on the pricing with the house owners, you need to hire a lawyer who may look into all the documents and protect your legal rights. With all the legal involvements and complexities, it is better to find the right lawyer who may manage everything on your behalf.

If you buy a house through a Real Estate Agency in Northern Cyprus, they will help you with the legal requirements and complications. They have their own well-reputed lawyers who can manage and accelerate legal proceedings. That makes the whole process very smooth and easy.

Step 4 – Legal Protocols and Requirements that must be met before owning a House:

There are a number of legal requirements for buying a house in Northern Cyprus. This includes paying all the housing taxes, stamp fees, permission fees, purchase permits, and other expenses related to the buying process.

Transfer of Title Deed is the most important legal step in buying a new house. This is the official step that makes you the legal owner of the house while granting you all the ownership rights.

This involves a Title Deed Transfer fee that is paid at about 3%, 5%, and 8% of the total value of the property. Once you have received the Title Deed of your house, you become the rightful owner of the property.

Step 5 – Other Hosing Taxes:

It is important to note that a number of other housing taxes are applicable and must be paid at the department of land to complete the process of buying your house in Northern Cyprus. A Real Estate Agency can guide you better in this regard as they are well aware of the latest tax rates.

Buying Houses in Cyprus for Foreigners:

The foreigners can also purchase houses in Northern Cyprus as it’s a wonderful holiday spot to practice a healthy and positive lifestyle. As per the rules and regulations, foreigners are legally eligible to invest in or purchase houses or other properties in Northern Cyprus. However, there are some restrictions on purchasing multiple properties in Northern Cyprus for foreigners.

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