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Luxury Villas for Sale in North Cyprus

Cyprus is a great tourist destination with beautiful landscapes and lovely sites. The fantastic weather conditions, beautiful location, and available services make it a great place to visit, especially during the holidays. That’s why many people look for Luxury Villas for Sale in Northern Cyprus. These Luxury Villas offer state-of-the-art living and provide a great lifestyle. Moreover, Many people use these luxury villas as their holiday spots. The rising demand for luxury villas in northern Cyprus has contributed significantly to the growth of Real Estate in Northern Cyprus.

Luxury Villas in Northern Cyprus:

Luxury Villas for Sale in Northern Cyprus offer the best living standards. These villas contain multiple bedrooms, exceptional ventilation systems, swimming pools, outdoor gardens, a Kitchen, Barbecue facilities and countless other luxuries that add to the colors of life in these luxury villas. 

In recent years, the prices of luxury villas in Northern Cyprus have increased considerably. On average, the prices increased by about 6.35% per square meter. This increment in the prices of Luxury Villas in Northern Cyprus results from the rising demand for luxury villas. The rising demand and increasing prices indicate a good time to invest in Luxury Villas in Northern Cyprus.

Luxury Villas for sale in Northern Cyprus generally cost between £350,000 and £750,000. The cost of a villa in Northern Cyprus generally depends on the size, facilities, construction, and location of the villa.

Not just that, you can purchase luxury villas in Cyprus and rent them to tourists and visitors. This will create a reliable and rewarding stream of funds generation for you. Many people are getting into this business because the tourism industry in Cyprus is booming again after covid-19. 

Where Can You Find the Best Luxury Villas for Sale in Northern Cyprus?

The Kyrenia district is the best option if you are looking for an ideal location to find Luxury Villas in Northern Cyprus. Kyrenia district in Northern Cyprus has a rich history and remains a cultural hub in Northern Cyprus. There are countless hotels, resorts, and luxury villas in the Kyrenia district in Northern Cyprus. 

Moreover, the Kyrenia district is the home to the best Luxury Villas in Northern Cyprus. There are great nightlife and holiday spots in the district as well. All of this makes it a great tourist attraction.  

Holiday Villas Cyprus:

Cyprus is a dream destination for tourists and visitors. They can visit the place for their holidays, enjoy their time at the location, and have great memories. Many tourists look for Holiday Villas in Cyprus. Before continuing with the subject and exploring further, it is essential to understand these Holiday Villas.

What are the Holiday Villas in Cyprus?

Holiday Villas in Cyprus are villas that are created and designed for tourists who visit Cyprus for holidays. These villas are private spaces that offer accommodation, privacy and ownership like homes. Not just that, the Holiday Villas in Northern Cyprus can also be booked by the citizens of Cyprus who want to spend some time at these luxurious holiday villas. These villas offer great facilities to tourists and play a key role in making their holidays memorable. Cyprus has the best holiday villas in the world. 

Facilities Offered at the Holiday Villas in Northern Cyprus:

Holiday Villas in Cyprus offers luxury living, ventilated rooms, large hallways, giant swimming pools, spacious gardens, Internet facilities, Food arrangements, mesmerizing sights, and many other lavish services.

These villas are specially designed and made for tourists. The tourists book these villas for their holiday period. These villas aim to give you a sense of belonging and being at home.   

How are Holiday Villas Different from hotels?

Holiday Villas are different from hotels as they offer you more privacy and give you more control over the entire location. In addition to that, Holiday Villas are more spacious as well. These villas provide you guarded privacy and aim to make you feel at home. These are large spaces with sufficient accommodation and other services.

In the case of hotels, you are confined to limited space and do not have enough privacy either. However, the holiday villas in northern Cyprus give you a feeling of your home.

Who manages these Holiday and Luxury Villas in Northern Cyprus?

Generally, these Holiday Villas are constructed and managed by families. The families rent these villas to tourists and visitors for a specific period. In return, these villa owners generate revenue through rentals. 

Luxury Villas for Rent in Northern Cyprus:

Purchasing luxury villas for sale in Northern Cyprus is not always a good option. Tourists and visitors generally prefer to rent these luxury villas for the duration of their holidays. 

Generally, you can book these villas through different websites and forums. All the listings and facilities are available on the internet. You just need to go to the internet and choose a suitable villa per your requirements and budget.

The rent for these villas ranges between 1000 and 2000 Euros depending on the facilities and quality of the villa. 

Four Seasons in Northern Cyprus:

Cyprus offers nearly 350 sunny days in a year, with all four seasons adding to the colors and charms of the country. Seeking inspiration from that, Four Vision Development started Four Seasons Life and Four Seasons Life II projects. The different houses in the four seasons project offer luxury living. They contain all the necessary facilities and offer a secure environment. These houses have been constructed as the best holiday locations in the country. Above all, they face the beach and provide exotic views of the Sea. Four Seasons Life is the biggest project in the Real Estate Market of Cyprus.


Luxury Villas for sale in Cyprus serve as a great investment opportunity. If you want to purchase Luxury Villas in Cyprus, you should consult four vision development. Four Vision Development is the best Real Estate Agency in Cyprus. Their main projects include Four Seasons Life and Four Seasons Life II.

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