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Real Estate in North Cyprus

The real estate market is an important source of income in many countries. Especially in addition to buying and selling, the rent of a house also provides individual economic benefits. Real estate in Northern Cyprus The continuing development of the industry like tourism offers different alternatives in this area.

Economic renewals and major developments in terms of tourism and hotels have created a different market with the transition of Cyprus, which has been under the hegemony of certain countries for a long time, to the republican regime.

The result of this market has brought about an increasing real estate market due to tourism. It has recently been on the agenda, especially with investments that support foreign capital.

From Nomad ism to Settled Life

Bringing breath to the economy thanks to the visits it receives for touristic purposes Real estate in Northern Cyprus The sector has developed by fascinating incoming tourists with its nature and by reinforcing their desire to live in that habitat.

In this sense, the sector, which reveals the investment objectives of foreign capital as well as the need for settlement, has created a large market with a wide network volume.

Consequently, it has become easier for foreign nationals to buy, sell and rent property. Real estate in Northern Cyprus Properties that can be acquired by obtaining permission can be used for different investments.

Determine the Right Place to Invest

Real estate in Northern Cyprus Nicosia is not the only option for those who want to invest, as the capital city, which many people think of when it comes to Cyprus. There are areas that are equally beautiful with their history and geography.

If it is necessary to list these areas in the preference scale;

  • Nicosia
  • Kyrenia
  • Famagusta
  • Long Beach

As the right choices, it offers affordable opportunities at different prices. In this sense, it has a wide range of options with different natural characteristics and cultures of different regions.

Education and Infrastructure Options

Having different university options on the island offers a good choice for those who want a pleasant teaching life. With the city infrastructure that has adapted to the developing technology, it will be possible to be a student at the pleasure of vacation.

Real estate in Northern Cyprus Along with education, which is one of the phenomena that improves the sector, the circulation of university students also provides suitable conditions for rent-based investment. Thanks to these conditions, it is possible to get the return of the investment made in the property within approximately 10 to 13 years.

Thanks to the developed tourism infrastructure, regulations are made in large areas that can ensure the welfare of larger human communities. Especially beneficial development in terms of transportation

Real estate in Northern Cyprus It increases the value of the properties offered by the sector to a certain extent.

The Great Ease of Owning a Home

Being a foreign national creates great difficulties in buying and selling property in many different countries. Despite this, real estate purchase and sale in Northern Cyprus is presented as an opportunity that can be obtained without being a citizen of the country.

Turkey opened to the outside, for those who want to combine the accumulation of money with different values ​​and property investment, especially in making one of the most appropriate choice for those who think that more is a guaranteed method of Northern Cyprus.

It will be the choice for those who want to profit from time and money in different areas from residence permit to real estate permit. With the shifting of the developing country’s economy from hotel tourism to the real estate sector, the new regulations are functional to make your job easier.

Save Time with help of the Government

With the help of state support and the convenience provided by the newly developed laws, it has become quite easy to invest in real estate in Cyprus.

 While individuals living in the same household can buy one property per household in previous years, with the regulations made in recent years, each individual has the right to buy a property. In this way, it has become easy to buy properties for different purposes as investment and rental income.

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