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Should I trust Real Estate Agents? How to choose the best Real Estate Agent in Northern Cyprus?

People often find themselves in a great challenge when it comes down to buying a house. They find the whole process of buying a house or property in Northern Cyprus very challenging. They are unaware of the latest market trends. They do not know who the best Real Estate Developer in the region is. Similarly, they find it difficult to get an exact idea of the prices of Real Estate in Northern Cyprus. A great help and solution for them is a Real Estate Agent. These Real Estate Agents can offer you great help and simplify the whole process of buying and selling properties.

What does a Real Estate Agent do in Northern Cyprus? What are the duties/Responsibilities of a Real Estate Agent?

Real Estate Agents have a number of duties and responsibilities toward their clients.

Real Estate Agents can assist you in buying your new house:

In the case of buying a new house, you may want to go through the houses yourself and search for your dream house on the internet. However, your efforts may not get you the desired results as you would not be a professional at it. On the other hand, Real Estate Agents have their own well-maintained listings. They are well aware of different options and market rates. Therefore, once you tell your requirements to your Real Estate agent, he can quickly offer you the most suitable options. Moreover, he will coordinate with the house owners and arrange a feasible visit for you. Thus, Real Estate Agents can quickly find the best possible home options for you and arrange your visits to those houses. Moreover, these agents can negotiate with the house owners to offer ideal prices to you.

In addition to that, Real Estate Agents manage the documentation procedures pretty well and save you from any complications.

Seller’s Agents:

If you are looking to sell your house or property in Cyprus, these Real Estate Agents may have a lot to offer you. You may want and plan to sell your house on your own. But these Real Estate Agents can do it much better than you. They can accelerate the process of selling your house, market your home better and guide you well about the necessary repairs in your house. Moreover, these Real Estate Agents can help you negotiate an ideal price for your home.

Should I trust my Real Estate Agent?

Well, this is the most commonly asked question about Real Estate Agents. There are multiple dimensions to it. Therefore, it is better to answer it in a step-by-step manner.

Firstly, it depends on your Agent if he is trustworthy or not. Assuming that you have found a credible and professional agent, it is still not wise to blindly trust your real estate agent. It is better to consult your Real Estate Agent about your house’s maintenance, listing, and marketing. Similarly, seeking a suggestion on the pricing of your house is preferable too. However, you need to be slightly careful in this regard and ensure that you are making the decisive call yourself.

At times, real estate agents can get over-ambitious and seem compelling. In that case, you need to ensure that you are making the final call on your own.

On the other hand, it is only wise to let your agent and lawyer manage all the documentation protocols, as they are professionals in that regard.

In short, you can and should trust your Real Estate Agent in most cases. However, just be a little more cautious about the price of your house or property.

How to find the best Real Estate Agent? What are the qualities of a good Real Estate Agent?

Experience in the relevant field:

There is no substitute for experience. The most important value to look for in a Real Estate Agent is his experience in the field. Experienced Agents are preferable because they can guide you about different factors and considerations in Real Estate. Moreover, they have seen and worked with different kinds of people. So, that is an added bonus as they understand the whole process better.


There are different licenses and certifications for Real Estate Agents. It is only sensible to check these certifications, attestations, and licenses before hiring someone as your Real Estate Agents. These certifications make these agents specialists. Working with specialists can bring you specific benefits and rewards.

Understanding of the Market:

It is a good practice to talk to your agent about the Local Market. This will help you assess the knowledge and understanding of your agent about the latest Real Estate trends in Cyprus. Hiring an agent with sound knowledge of the local market in Cyprus is a wiser decision.

Marketing and Networking:

Real Estate Agents who, with online listings, can market your property well. Technicalities like listing, photographs, and description can be crucial in creating a good impression of your property.

Therefore, you should look for a Real Estate Agent who has a good online presence and knows marketing well. Similarly, these agents can offer you better options due to their wider network of clients. 

Personal Attention and Availability:

While an experienced and busy agent is preferable, the personal attention he can give to your property is also important. You should look for an agent who is available to cater to all your needs and does not over-commit.

Check List:

Here is a list of all the things to look for in your Real Estate Agent:

  • Experience
  • Marketing Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Market Knowledge
  • Network of People/Listings
  • Certifications

Your agent will be with you in your journey of selling your house. Never settle for an agent until you are absolutely certain about the agent. A smarter way to finalize your agent is to ask him to share his portfolio or shed light on some of his past deals.

You may contact referral sources to find your ideal Real Estate Agent in Northern Cyprus.

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