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The Impressive Climate of Northern Cyprus Offers You Opportunity for Many Activities

Northern Cyprus, where the Mediterranean climate is fully experienced, is among the places frequented by tourists. The reason for this is the weather and climate have an important place. An air is seen where you can easily enjoy the clean and deep blue sea of ​​the Mediterranean. The temperature can rise up to 40 degrees and an environment where you can easily cool off is created with the effect of the sea. The breeze of the Mediterranean is felt here especially in the morning and evening hours.

Summer While the temperatures are scorching in the month, there is not such a hot weather in the spring. The climate we define as temperate climate Spring and Autumn The weather can be colder at certain times during the seasons It is especially useful to buy a jacket in the morning and evening. Especially in the spring months, the number of tourists is quite high. In these times when the milder weather is effective, it is seen that many activities such as cycling and nature walks are done together with water sports.

The All-Seasonal Climate of Northern Cyprus is among the Plans of Many People to Choose This Place

Many tourists swim in the sea in all seasons. Winter Even in season the temperature is around 10 degrees on average. The times tourists come to swim in the sea also vary. As an example of this, it is known that many tourists started to swim from the end of March to the beginning of April and continue like this until November. However, the indigenous people of Northern Cyprus generally prefer the summer season. Cyprus can be enjoyed in all seasons and you can accompany a beautiful climate in all seasons.

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