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Historical and Cultural Beauties of Trikomo

Trikomo, one of the permanent beauties of Cyprus and where Aphrodite brought the first fruit, has many riches. Trikomo, which is located on the road to Famagusta and you should stop by, will fascinate you with its natural beauty.

Environmental Settlements of Trikomo

The listed restaurants are located in the port. Trikomo, which is a suitable place for tastes that appeal to both the eye and the palate, will attract your attention with its beauty when you move towards the north. In the north, on the slope of Bafra, there is the Bosphorus. While Bafra was a village that fascinated with its natural beauties before, in recent years it has been filled with hotels because it is an attractive place in terms of tourism. You can feel like you are in heaven with its deep blue sea and yellow sand. It is one of the places that will give you peace of mind when you visit Famagusta. The two old churches of the city are fascinating. Panayia Theotokos, built in the 12th century, is now used as a museum, while Ayios Iakovos is in the form of a cross and is one of the works erected in the 15th century.

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