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Beauties of Nicosia

The Venetian Wall, which is one of the most well-known places in Nicosia and is definitely visited by tourists, is 4.5 kilometers long. The 16th century wall, which was built to surround the city in its period, has 3 gates. These are known as the entrance gate of the city. These walls are still in very good condition and are a popular tourist destination.

Old City of Nicosia

The Old City, which is surrounded by walls, reflects the atmosphere of the Old City because it has not undergone major changes, although it has undergone minor changes. The narrow and mixed roads here, the beauties of the calm and quiet city converge. The traces of the old architecture have also found their way here. Located in the Old City, the Great Han was built in 1572 by the Ottoman Empire. Today, this place is organized with cafes where people can sit and spend time. There are also many examples such as the 400-year-old Hammam as well as the Gothic-influenced Selimiye Mosque. The number of architectural wonders await you to discover historical places.

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