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Kyrenia has a special and remarkable location. This importance applies not only to Cyprus but also to the entire Mediterranean. Girne, which has the Five Fingers Mountains behind its back, is a coastal city. Mountains and fertile land behind it, and a natural harbor in front of it to support trade have been very attractive for many settlers.

Cultural Diversity

Known as the “pearl of the Mediterranean”, Kyrenia has been one of the trade centers for many years. Historical areas in Kyrenia also prove this. Settlements built by many societies in turn have led to cultural diversity and cultural wealth here. Under the influence of Greek, Ottoman and Greek, French and once British culture, Girne adopted all these cultures and created its own culture. It is possible to see the profound influence of Byzantine culture here.

The cobblestone city is a true cultural sightseeing city. Remaining from the Byzantine period, the castle is home to many places today. The port is full of restaurants and you can eat fresh fish from the sea of ​​Kyrenia as well. To cyprus It is also possible to taste special traditional dishes. Although there are many accommodation and entertainment venues in the city, these are quite luxurious. You can go to the Kyrenia pier and enjoy the beautiful view to your heart’s content.

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