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One of the most used ports in the Mediterranean Famagusta is one of the cities of Cyprus, which is regarded as a cultural treasure, with its historical past and the artifacts left behind. It has a rich settlement and the reason for this is entirely trade and eastern port. The number and richness of the churches here prove this.

Churches Area Famagusta

Of cyprus Famagusta Port, which is the most popular port and owes this to its natural depth, is the main reason for the cultural development of the city. Famagusta has also benefited from this, especially when the trade between ports was in the line for centuries. They got rich and built many buildings. Famagusta, also known as the “region of churches”, was named after the confluence of those who wanted to take a place in heaven. This is why many merchants and important people built churches. Especially the structures from the Middle Ages give us very clear information about the Middle Ages Cyprus. As an example, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque was once a church. The old church, which contains Gothic influences to a great extent, has become a mosque. You can walk on the walls, which are three kilometers long, and have the opportunity to see the city from above.

Salamis Town

It is 6 kilometers from the city of Famagusta in Salamis. Quite a lot of Roman ruins stand out here. Roman baths, columns, statues, theater ruins cover many parts of the city. This place also inspired the Othello series. William Shakespeare made use of Salamis and Famagusta in this work. Like many parts of Cyprus, the old tomb remains and those that come out are full of surprising riches. With many more things, Famagusta has a very important position for Northern Cyprus. This location is provided by its historical and cultural qualities. The city, where history flows everywhere, is open to new discoveries today.

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