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One Hundred Years of Heritage

It fascinates many people with the richness of Turkish Culture in Cyprus. Centuries-old heritage, which determines the history and culture of the Mediterranean countries with the interaction for centuries, also shows the influence of Turkish culture today. The Cypriot people, who speak with a dialect, which is also called the Cypriot dialect, actually speak Turkish, but regional influences have also created this ethnic and special dialect.

Likewise, it is necessary to mention the British influence. It is quite natural to see the profound influences of Western culture here as well. It is possible to see the effects not only of the Mediterranean countries but also of France and England from Europe.

What many people know about Turkish Cypriots is how friendly and hospitable they are. The reason why its traditions and customs are so diverse comes from this cultural interaction. It is not possible to say that Turkish culture takes place here completely and raw, but Turkish culture stands out among many synthesized cultures. Many museums, especially in Cyprus, tell us about this cultural development and the whole process. Many cultural festivals also take place in Cyprus. These are of particular interest to tourists and are often seen in the spring or summer season. Here, it is possible to see the traditional dances of Cyprus, the traditional clothes and many elements about daily life.

Especially Cypriot cuisine shows us that it is a combination of many cultures. It is possible to say that they have acquired some food habits from Anatolia, Continent Greece, Egypt and England. You can eat all these delicacies in many local and special restaurants and enjoy these delicacies.

Cypriot wines have been produced before Christ. Cypriot wines produced from the region’s own grape are obtained by crushing them with the oldest methods. You can buy wines for yourself by visiting the vineyard houses here, and if you want, you can participate in grape picking activities in some of the vineyard houses. Here you will both get to know the cyprus wine and discover many similarities.

Northern Cyprus is a very suitable place to get away from the stress and stress of the whole world. Here you can feel as if nothing bad in the world is happening and you can enjoy life. You can shop from small shopkeepers and experience the same life as the locals. The handicrafts made here are the combination and concrete form of 9000 years of history.

Traditional Crafts

The most known handicraft product of Northern Cyprus is Lefkara Embroidery and it is dated to the 15th century. It is a production that took place during the rule of the Venetians for almost 90 years. Venetian dynastic clothing was based on the production of this period, and similar designs were made by local women in the same period. These trials are so developed that they have become dowry. In fact, these popular dowries have turned into a dowry that every girl should have.

This dowry consists of linen and many different versions have developed over the years. These are distinguished by features such as edge seams on the edges of the covers and handkerchiefs. Filling stitches and needlework are also added to this. In this dowry, white, ecru and brown tones are generally seen. The most important difference here is that the back and front of these fabrics are the same. This embroidery is first painted on a piece of paper and then a second transparent paper is added for the fabric and to protect it. Needles are put on their outer parts and a thread is placed on the foremost one. Then the needles that go up to the last needle are completed in this way. 3 turns are returned. Then the embroidery weaving process begins. This dowry and heritage is so important that it is included in the Intangible Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO.

It has gained an important place both in trade and in the region, especially during the period of the Venetian rule, that is, for about 90 years. Most of all, Leonardo da Vinci’s visit here for the designs in the Duomo Cathedral altar made it popular and made money with trade. You can still see women doing handicrafts in many Cypriot villages. They sell them and earn income for themselves. Many visitors also want to buy them. It is possible to find many local shops where such products are sold. Such pieces can be gifted or used in your home. Especially the Büyük Han in Nicosia is the most well-known place where they are sold.  

However, not only dowry but also many other handicrafts are seen in Northern Cyprus. These:

Rugs are among the most well-known. Although it was made in the villages of Gazimagus in the past, it is one of the preferred products especially for many collections. It has become even more remarkable with the figures and number of figures on these rugs.

Another popular handiwork is Account Embroidery is. It is a type of embroidery made especially in the Lapta region. It is made with a colorful technique. Linen is placed on the cross stitch and this is done by spreading the linen. It is made with an outline drawn on the base of dark silk and different motifs are made. It is called account embroidery because it counts as a thread every time.

Yemeni It is known as a head scarf and it is a scarf that you can see in many women because it represents wealth.

Knitting plant; It is made from plants. You can knit these into many things, such as baskets or trays.

Silk cocoon is also a handiwork that originated in the Karpas. Here the cocoons are opened and flattened, then cut according to different shapes and sewn onto a fabric.

Ceramic work and art is an art that has been made for a long time in Cyprus, which is rich in clay, and has changed style according to its periods.

Miracles of the Olive Trees

The Mediterranean climate is very suitable for olives. This is the North Cyprus is given as a good example. Although olive trees like slopes, it is seen that they prefer flat lands as well. Olive and its production are very important for Cypriots. It has even been produced and traded on the island for centuries. Olive trees have a very long life and their history is quite old. It has enabled the enrichment of many civilizations since Christ. It receives many visits especially due to the Monumental Olive Tree in Kalkanlı Village in Northern Cyprus.

Olive has always been a symbol of many positive things. Peace and tranquility come first among these. There are many legends stating that the consumer gains durability. The life expectancy of Cypriots also proves this.

Green olive

The olive harvesting process, which started in September, continues until approximately January. While the olives at the beginning are small and green, the ones collected later on are black and larger. Especially the last olives are used as olive oil. Green olive consumption is also quite high.

Olive Oil

Olive oil production has been taking place in Cyprus for years. However, this process used to be much more difficult. He was moving heavy stones with long wooden arms and thereby crushing the olives. By rotating the mill, the olives are crushed and the olive oil flows. Although this is of course much more practical today, chemicals and the like are still not used.

Symbol of Peace

The olive branch symbolizes peace and has been used by many civilizations for centuries. Extending an olive branch to someone serves the same purpose in Northern Cyprus. It has also found a place in mythology.

Although it was first seen in Egypt in the Mediterranean, its influence on Greek mythology is much greater. It has also been a symbol of many Olympics. It has also found its place in the USA seal and it is seen that an eagle is holding an olive oil. Even in the “US Seal” the bald eagle behind the shield holds an olive branch in its right hand, symbolizing the strong US choice for peace.

Burning Olive Leaf

The burning of olive leaves, also known as incense, has become a tradition especially for Turkish Cypriots. Most of all, it is a preferred method to protect from the evil eye and to stay away from bad people. It is burned in a metal bowl and this smoke is carried all over the house. Thus, it is believed to work for everyone who is there.


Especially olive oil is used in medicine and cosmetology. It is used in soaps, moisturizers, masks and many other ways as well as healers in many areas. These soaps are especially preferred because they do not foam and have many benefits for the skin. It kills the oil on the body and leaves a clean feeling and captivates everyone with its scent.

Leaf Extract

Although the antioxidant properties of olives and oil are known, olive leaves also have the same feature. Olive leaf, which prevents many bacteria and provides a solution in this regard, is also good for wounds. If there is, it prevents your digestive problems and makes you healthier.


Olive oil is very valuable since before Christ. In particular, Continent Greece has been the basic trade element of Anatolia and many civilizations around it. Many different versions have been produced and are increasingly sold by ships among civilizations. For this reason, olive oil, which is known to be extremely valuable, stands at an important point in daily life. It also has many options. It has been used in many areas such as body oils as well as perfume or bath oil. Strabon in particular praised the wine and olive oil by mentioning the Cypriots.

Cyprus Wines

North Cyprus The first commercial wine in Turkey started to be produced in 2000, and it is a pity that Cyprus, which has such a long history of wine, is so late in this regard.

Although there are vineyards in many places, it is possible to say that more than one type of wine is produced from the grapes in the vineyards in Ilgaz. Ilgaz is located in the foothills of the Five Fingers Mountains. However, this is not the only option because there are already many local farmers in Cyprus and the grape production is quite high. The harvest takes place in August and the grapes are harvested in many different ways, but usually by hand.

While the best known Vines such as Shiraz, Chardonnay, Semillon are found here, red wines are also made from grapes such as Merlot and Cinsaultü Greanhe. As many wines can be added to this, white wine production is also quite high in this region. Many visitors come here and they help the farmers who gather here and enjoy their time.

Here you can take wine courses and experience wine culture if you wish. Generally, these events are held regularly every year.   


Cittaslow It is an Italian-based organization. The aim here is to slow down life and feel the city more. Living a better life and benefiting from the city’s blessings can be given as an example. It is one of the member countries of this organization in Northern Cyprus. Many cities here have been designated as Quiet Cities. A few more cities such as Lefke, Geçitkale and Tatlısu are included in this group. Many activities related to this are also held here and the spirit of the old city is kept alive here. Here, life slows down and many details such as the flow of the city during the day become noticeable.

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