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Shades of Blue

North Cyprus, where the Mediterranean climate is fully felt and warm weather is effective almost throughout the year, attracts tourists with many sports opportunities, holiday opportunities and cultural treasures and makes you feel the love of the sea.

There are beaches almost all over the Northern Cyprus Island. Each of these beaches has a different look and beauty. Pamper yourself especially on the beaches that have never been visited in Karpas. If you are interested in more luxurious holidays, you can have fun by going to many stylish hotels and clubs in Northern Cyprus. It is possible to guarantee that Cyprus, which is a very rich place in terms of opportunities where you can find everything you are looking for and determine a holiday according to your preference, will send you off happy.

If you want, you can go to popular beaches or if you want, you can find hidden coves where there is nobody and you can camp here or enjoy the bright yellow sand of the deep blue sea. It offers you a special environment where you can swim in almost every season and spend time in nature in all seasons. You can spend time calmly and peacefully in the bays of Alagadi, a love of the sea or just enjoy the warmth of the sea in the spring season.

You can dive into the Mediterranean and examine the ruins of old ships. If you have not dived before, you do not need to hesitate. You can easily learn this sport and many other water sports in Northern Cyprus. Although there are canoeing and jet skiing activities, there are water sports that are more suitable for children. It is a holiday destination where you can come as a family, but also a place where you can come with your group of friends, the people in your life or just by yourself.

You can join yacht tours and see many different places and historical effects while traveling daily to nearby places. If you want, you can rent a fishing rod and enjoy fishing. There’s no harm in trying!

You can do many adrenalin-high sports as well as fish as above or spend a more quiet holiday. Whatever you prefer, you can easily do this in Northern Cyprus. There are many facilities especially for water sports in many parts of the island. There are water slides, water parks, large pools or many more places where you can do water yoga.  

You can find many facilities at much more affordable prices as well as facilities connected to hotels by the sea and you can also enjoy the sea on a daily basis. With group discounts and a free option below a certain age, the rate of usage is also very high.  

Sea Love |  Dive

Diving known as scuba diving is among the popular activities of Cyprus. You can learn this in Northern Cyprus without having to have knowledge or experience on this subject, and you can either get training or do trial dives.

It doesn’t matter whether you have dived deep before or not. You can get this training in Cyprus and in a short time you too North Cyprus You can enjoy the beauties of the Mediterranean and many plant and living species under the Mediterranean.

Your preferences on sea love may change according to your time If you do not have much time, you can only join trial dives, but if you have time, there is an environment where you can get diving lessons at affordable prices. There are places where you can take free trial dives in many sea coves or similarly in many pools. You can also take advantage of group discounts and attend group lessons. You can see very interesting fish and many other sea creatures during diving in the sea, especially in many deep dives, and you may also encounter many plants. In addition to these, you can see many ships and caves. –

Boat Tours

Northern Cyprus, which has a coast to the Mediterranean, offers you an environment that will allow you to enjoy the deep blue sea of ​​the Mediterranean and also sail here and go to many places. 

While you can participate in daily boat and gulet tours in many cities in Northern Cyprus, it has been observed that these tours are preferred especially in Kyrenia, Pier or Famagusta. You can travel all along the beach and enjoy the yellow sand and blue sea. You can swim in the sea to cool off according to the season, as well as take shelter under one of the trees of the Mediterranean climate to cool off according to the season.

You can also get your food and drinks from the boat and you can spend your whole day on the boat if you want, or you can go to nearby places by boat. There are many boat tours, these tours vary according to their characteristics and routes.

Of course, sailing courses are also held in a country with a coastline. You can plan all of these with him if you go alone, with a group if you are going with a group or with a special person for you. In this way, you will be one step closer to having the best holiday. However, if you want, you can just fish without doing anything. You can taste many different fish types on this coast, where there are many different fish types.

Sea Love | Beaches

Northern Cyprus, which has become a brand in this regard with its many beaches, has a coast stretching for kilometers to the Mediterranean. These beaches can be hotel beaches or there are beaches where you can enter at affordable prices.

There are many beaches that are very popular, but it is possible to say that there are so many beaches without signs. These places await you ready to be discovered. It is possible to find beaches according to many budgets. Many beaches also have car parks, cafes, sun loungers and umbrellas. A few of these are included in the entrance fee, but this is not the case everywhere. In such places, you can participate in sports activities at affordable prices, as well as just enjoy the sea and the sand. There are also lifeguards here and you can swim safely.

Golden Beach

Located in Karpas, Golden Beach has a world-famous location. It got this name because the color of its sand shines like gold. The deep blue sea accompanying the golden sands also causes the visitors to want not to go again. Karpas and Gold Beach, which is seen as the place where Aphrodite left the first fruit and also known as the birthplace of Aphrodite, also have such a mythological story. It is an area away from the facilities, so it is important to remember to take your own food and water when you go.

Glapsides Beach

Glapsides Beach in Famagusta is also one of the beaches known in the same way. It is located in the north of Famagusta and it is a very suitable place due to its location. To the municipality It is a private beach and for this reason, many people can go there easily. It goes without saying that it is quite a full beach. There is also an environment for many water sports here. Scuba diving is one of the most popular and offers the opportunity to explore the attractions of the sea. However, you can also spend time on the beach. However, sunbeds and umbrellas are rented and can be made with small fees. You can also spend time in the beach bars.

Long Beach

There are minibuses departing from the city to go to the beach in the ruins of Salamis. Here, too, you can participate in many activities or enjoy the sea.

Kervansaray Beach

It is one of the municipal beaches. Although it is one of the beaches that people go to, it is a very popular beach. Likewise, it also includes many possibilities. There are artificial lawns and you can sunbathe there if you want. There are also sun loungers, umbrellas and shower and dressing rooms. There is also a car park for disabled citizens, which is among the services of the municipality. Due to the fact that there is a lifeguard on the beach, many people can swim easily.

Alagadi Beach

It is located 15 kilometers from Kyrenia. Alagadi Beach is the home of large turtles that are unique to the island and quite famous. There are also people who come here to take pictures of these giant turtles, as well as to swim. There is no special facility here, so it would be good to bring your own belongings when you come here. It is also one of the popular places for picnics.

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