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Culinary Diversity of Northern Cyprus Comes From The Wealth of Its Culture

The island of Northern Cyprus is a region with a high cultural wealth. It has been a residential area since ancient times and has become one of the stopovers of Anatolia, continental Greece and Egypt. For this reason, its cultural richness is quite high. This cultural richness is reflected in the cuisine to a large extent. It has created its own cuisine by blending the cuisine of all these cultures. The variety of food in Northern Cyprus also varies according to the seasons. Here, the choice is yours. If you want, you can choose the summer seasons, or you can take advantage of the blessings of the spring season. You can do tastings in villages and towns, as well as eat in places where more elegant and innovative dishes are blended with cultural dishes.


It is a plant that grows on the Nile River in Egypt and was brought to Cyprus centuries ago and started to be produced here as well. Egypt has been a community that has had a serious impact on Cyprus for many years. The long-lasting Egyptian influence in Cyprus proves this. Molehiya is collected and then dried during the summer period. It can be made into a meal with or without meat according to preference, but it is usually cooked with lamb or chicken and in addition, it is made into a meal with vegetables such as lemon, garlic, tomato, onion. Although it is not a dish you can see in many restaurants, it is possible to see it in restaurants that make local dishes in Nicosia.


Kolokas, a plant that can grow in other countries, shows its biggest form here. It is a plant that feels like a walnut but is consumed with potatoes. However, it has toxic parts and must be carefully cleaned before cooking. It should not be consumed before it is cooked. It is usually cooked together with tomato and onion accompanied by olive oil. Likewise, it can be consumed with meat or added with legumes. It is a food that can be consumed in many different ways, so it can be consumed on the grill, in the oven or in the form of frying. Just like potatoes, it can turn into mash.

Şeftali Kebab

A skinless kebab variety known as Crepinette in French. Here, the membrane surrounding the organs of the lamb’s stomach is used. It can also be used with meat, as well as onion additions. After the mixture is shaped like a small meatball, it is wrapped and fried with a skewer. During this flushing process, the part of the animal’s membrane melts and creates a light brown appearance. It is a dish usually eaten with pita bread or, optionally, with a salad. It is seen that it is also consumed with Turkish origin cacik.

Although it does not contain peaches, it is wondered why it is called peach kebab. There are two rumors here and it is thought to be provided for one of these two reasons. The dish, which melts when cooked and resembles a peach due to its brown and pink appearance, is therefore called peach kebab. Another alternative is chef Ali Kebab, but it is thought that it has become a peach kebab in the following years. It is also thought that Chef Ali, a Turkish seller, found this flavor. It is at the forefront of traditional Cypriot flavors and must be tried!


Briefly, it is a type of pastry. It is a type of pastry that is completely unique to the island of Cyprus. Cheese is put into the thinly wrapped Pilavuna. This cheese can be either halloumi cheese or curd cheese. Additions such as mint and raisins in some cases can be made. This pastry can be sometimes sweet and sometimes salt-free. Although it is not a main meal, it is a snack consumed in snacks and eaten with tea and the like. It is also known as flaounes. It is also consumed on some special occasions. Orthodox Christians in Cyprus are one of the foods consumed during Easter and when breaking the Christmas fast.

Walnut Paste

It is one of the traditional tastes and cultural heritage of Cyprus. In the case of hospitality, that is, it is one of the flavors offered to the guests. It is a kind of jam. Jam can be made from many fruits, nuts and even vegetables. There are many examples of this in many geographies. Walnut Paste, on the other hand, is a very tiring and long process when the walnuts, which are not fully ripe and are green in color, at the end of spring or early summer, that is, when the walnut is not fully hardened and in the edible stage, but the result is just as good. It is also consumed in sweet breakfasts, which are a combination of walnuts and sugar. It is generally recommended to be served in one way and to be consumed in this way. It is known to be good for men’s sexual health. The benefits of walnuts to the body are also counting for both types. It is a product that you can find in many grocery stores in Cyprus and sold in jars. If you want, you can take a few and take them back to your country.


It is also known as Halloumi in some places. Also known as pickled cheese, this cheese is usually made from a mixture of goat’s and sheep’s milk, but in some cases it is known to be made from cow’s milk. It is a cheese that can be used in many places due to its melting feature like cheddar. It can be cooked or put on most baked dishes.

It is an important source of protein. It is known that locals sometimes add it to meat, salads or with fruits, sometimes without cooking, sometimes by cooking. The grated form is also preferred. Likewise, it is consumed in bakery dishes or in pasta, in a type of meal called Magarina Bulli. Halloumi can be consumed with many different flavors as well as can be consumed alone. It is known as a taste especially preferred by Turkish Cypriots. It is blended with many different flavors and used together with traditional flavors.

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