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Providing great opportunities for those looking for a new investment place Cyprus Home Ads It has a wide real estate market. One of the main reasons for the formation of this market is the developed tourism infrastructure and the competence of the sector in this area.

Cyprus, which has successfully progressed the development process, has become the center of attention of foreign capital with its attractive real estate projects. There are main reasons for this interest. The first of these reasons Cyprus Home Ads As can be read on it, it is the development of real estate areas with new investments.

Make your vacation a living space

Cyprus generally has a tourist population separated from its indigenous people. The tourism sector, on the other hand, is a sector that is not only confined to the summer months and manages to remain active all year round with nightlife.

The excess of the population in this area, the beautiful nature and the active living spaces, have pushed the masses, who live together, to create a settlement by evaluating the habitable class of Cyprus.

In this sense, the tourism sector and estate market has become two markets fed from each other. In this sense, the development of the country has gained momentum.

Foreign Capital Investment

As a result of the developing fields, embracing foreign capital has also become an important situation. From this context Cyprus Home Ads It has become a demand factor by showing a large increase.

The developing economic structure brings legal conveniences with it. Legal changes have been made in order to embrace foreign capital that wants to own a property.

At the beginning of these changes, the limit of the household to own a single property was removed and the opportunity for each individual to own a property was introduced. In this sense, property has been transformed not only as a living space but as an investment tool.

Why Cyprus?

Due to the fact that Cyprus is a Mediterranean island, it is especially suitable for summer holidays and honeymoon couples with its suitable climate features. Not only its natural beauty but also its historical texture has the spirit of removing people from daily troubles.

In addition, education, entertainment and Cyprus Home Ads will be preferred with the privilege of having an easier house. The combination of different cultures and developments with the educational opportunities it provides in the vicinity also contributes to this situation.

Festivals in Northern Cyprus

In addition to having many entertainment elements, it is unique to the geography and culture of Cyprus. festivals It also regulates. The most known of these are;

  • Kyrenia Olive Festival held in October
  • Güzelyurt Orange Festival, held around June and July
  • International Bellapais Music Festival

And many similar festivals and concerts are held especially in the summer and spring seasons. In addition, it does not refrain from hosting many fashion shows, theater festivals or individual concerts of different groups.

Peaceful and Exciting

For those who want to bring calm activity to their life Cyprus Home Ads It is possible to own properties that will increase your life energy. Moreover, it is easy to invest with the legal conditions renewed by the state.

By issuing a real estate permit, you can experience the convenience of owning a property by settling the necessary taxes, usually with twenty-one-day transactions. Apart from certain protocols, there is no need for documents such as residence permits.

It is now very easy to perform these procedures for those who want to settle in order to create a living space, not as a tourist.

What you need is reliable real estate advisors and accurate market research to guide your savings. Finding properties suitable for your own budget and taking care of the transactions to be carried out in this sense has been made easier on the basis of legal processes compared to previous years.

This facilitation makes it possible for couples to buy 2 houses. You can either earn income by renting or buy and sell.

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