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TRNC is one of the places where both locals and tourists look for housing the most. Cyprus House Prices varies according to the location and characteristics of the residences.

Life in Cyprus

The word Cyprus refers to an island located in the Eastern Mediterranean. However, in our country, it is used for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus where the majority of Turks live. Cyprus is also called the “Baby homeland” in our country.

Northern Cyprus is an island country whose capital is Nicosia. According to 2015 records, its population is 299 thousand.

TRNC has attracted people from many nations thanks to its warm Mediterranean waters and wide beaches. The majority of Turks, Greeks and British live on the island.

Northern Cyprus is very suitable for summer tourism as it has summer temperatures from May to October. There are many summer houses on the island. Cyprus House Prices vary according to the location of the houses and their characteristics of the houses.

Houses for Rent in Cyprus

Renting a house in Cyprus can be done daily, weekly, periodically or annually. Daily or period homes are usually rented by the landlords as furnished. In such houses, there are items such as furniture, white goods, carpets, and curtains. Even some for rent Houses also have air conditioning, small appliances and supplies for the kitchen. However, people who rent a house in Cyprus for permanent residence usually prefer empty houses.

Cyprus House Prices When demand increases, it increases and house rents are also affected. For this reason, it would not be wrong to say that rents increase during the months when summer tourism is active.

Houses for Sale in Cyprus

In addition to renting in Cyprus, you can also buy houses. There is a wide variety of houses for sale in a wide range of prices in Cyprus. For this reason, it is not difficult to find a house for sale suitable for your needs and budget.

Houses for sale in Cyprus are apartments, villas and mansions. The prices of the houses vary according to the location, characteristics of the house, and the age of the building. Buying a house from Cyprus is also a profitable method of investment.

Currency in Cyprus

Cyprus is a multinational and touristic country. For this reason, the currencies used in the country also vary. In this situation, Cyprus House Prices can also have an effect on the currency.

House prices for rent and sale in Cyprus; It can be in Turkish Lira, Euro, American Dollar or British Pound. For this reason, it may be beneficial for those who want to buy or rent a house to keep or convert currencies such as Euro, British pounds, and American Dollars.

Factors Affecting House Prices in Cyprus

Cyprus House Prices depend on some of the properties of the houses. Factors affecting house prices in Cyprus are as follows:

  • Newly built houses: age of the house is one of the most important factors when buying or renting a house. The fact that a house is newly built, that is “new house”, affects the prices both in sales and leasing.
  • Air-conditioned houses: In Cyprus, which is a summer island country, the summer months are hot and many houses have air conditioning to cool off. While air-conditioned rental or sale houses are more in demand, the prices also increase.
  • Furnished houses: Furnished houses, which we come across most frequently in rental houses, directly affect the prices. In addition, the quality and number of items are taken into consideration when looking for a furnished house.
  • Houses with pool: Pools for shared use or detached houses in houses cause demand and price increases in rental or sale houses. 
  • Houses with a view: Houses with views of the sea, forests, and mountains are especially preferred by those who want to enjoy their balcony.
  • Villa type houses: Villa houses offer private use opportunities for individuals. Villa houses are priced in different types.

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