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Cyprus Real Estate

Enchanting Cyprus with its wide beaches, historical places and natural beauties; It is also a favorite of those who want to buy real estate for investment or residential purposes. Cyprus real estate market is a lively one, heavily influenced by the education and tourism sectors. For rent and for sale You can find information about houses in our article.

Life in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island located adjacent to the eastern Mediterranean and Turkey. It includes the countries of Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus. However, the use of the word Cyprus in our country is generally for the country of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In this article, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will be used with the short name Cyprus.

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a country with a population of approximately 300,000, but not recognized by all countries. The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. Cyprus, which is described as the “daughter homeland” in our country, is an island country that hosts citizens of many different nationalities.

Having a warm climate for about 5 months, Cyprus attracts thousands of tourists with this feature. Cyprus real estate The sector gets lively every year with the influx of summer residents. Besides, the number of students in Cyprus is also very high.

Popular Destinations in Cyprus

In Cyprus, settlements are very intense, especially in seaside places and historical regions. During the summer months, resorts in Cyprus have high occupancy rates. In addition, settlements close to the university campus are concentrated during the education period. All these situations closely concern the real estate market in Cyprus.

The most visited places in Cyprus are as follows:

  • Nicosia : Nicosia, the capital of the country, is one of the most visited places.
  • Famagusta: It is a port city that attracts tourists intensely.
  • Kyrenia : Kyrenia, which has both historical and natural beauties, has a dense residential area.
  • Morphou : It is a town located in the Morphou Gulf that attracts local and foreign tourists with its natural beauties.
  • İskele : It is one of the leading districts of Cyprus. It draws attention with its beach and natural beauties.

Real Estate Sector in Cyprus

TRNC; It attracts those who want to have a holiday with its wide beaches and students with its famous universities. Cyprus real estate sector also moves depending on these factors. Cyprus has homes and businesses to suit every budget.

Thanks to its constantly growing and developing features, Northern Cyprus also attracts the attention of investors. It is possible to make good investments by purchasing a house or a business in Cyprus. However, it is very important to work with a good real estate consultancy.

Houses for Rent in Cyprus

Rental house deals in Cyprus are made on a daily, weekly, seasonal or annual basis. Rental houses are generally preferred by those who come to vacation and students.

Providing rental houses furnished by landlords offers some advantages to tenants. Generally, houses with full materials such as furniture, white goods, kitchenware, household appliances, carpets and curtains are more preferred. Due to the heat in the summer months, it may be preferable to have an air conditioning or ventilation system. Cyprus real estate It is possible to find rental houses with many different features in the sector.

Houses for Sale in Cyprus

House sales in Cyprus are as common as rental houses. There is often a home purchase and sale for investment or permanent settlement in Cyprus. In addition, summer villas and mansions are preferred by the sea.

Cyprus real estate The prices of houses for sale in the market vary according to usage characteristics, region location and building age. There are apartments, duplex or triplex villas and mansions in different price ranges in Northern Cyprus. Features such as having a pool or sea view, zero building, good landscaping change the prices of the houses.

In addition, thanks to new constructions in Cyprus, different settlement areas are also formed. Those who want to invest can also buy houses from these new residential areas.

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